“In her debut book, Canyon Road, Kari Kristina Reeves, a modern-day psalmist, encourages discipleship through intentional prayer by focusing on topical themes. Drawing on her work as a spiritual director to artists, Kari shares a glimpse of the beauty found in the heart of God, inviting the reader to an intimate awareness of the Presence of the Lord. This is a very important book—and a beautifully articulate guide for anyone seeking a richer conversation with God.”

Gary W. Moon

Executive Director
Dallas Willard Center for Christian Spiritual Formation

“This is what I know. God is real, and prayer is powerful. Canyon Road is a beautiful guide that shows us all the ways to have an ongoing conversation with our Creator. Kari’s work will inspire anyone who yearns for God.”

Trisha Yearwood

Grammy Award Winning Country Music Artist
New York Times Bestselling Author

“As we embark on life’s journey, there are points where we need a little help along the way, even to stop and ask for directions at times. Kari Reeves’ Canyon Road is an essential travel companion, providing a positive and enlightening framework to help us discover the roadmap for our journey. Christian or not, Kari has crafted a primer for meditative thought.”

G. Chrysler Fisher

President & CEO [Ret.]
Hermès – U.S.
Lacoste – U.S.
Oxxford Clothes

“This is a remarkable book. I can honestly say that, apart from the Book of Psalms, this is the most helpful and moving collection of prayers that I have ever read, and I will return to it over and over again for my own personal use. Like the psalms themselves, these prayers are the ‘best thoughts in the best language.’ The prayers are like the psalms in that they are both creatively and beautifully composed, and yet they are songs for every heart, for the committed Christian and for the spiritual seeker.

The book’s Introduction and the explanations for each chapter are worth the price of the book as these give such wise guidance about the nature and practice of prayer. Sometimes one can only pray broken cries of sorrow or pain, or ecstatic exclamations of joy and praise, and there are many examples of these. Then there are brief prayers to aid us as we begin to be able to express what is in our hearts and also longer meditations for many different areas of prayer. I don’t think I have ever read such a valuable set of prayers for one’s enemies and to assist one in giving voice to one’s feeling of betrayal.

The collection of prayers for use in corporate settings is a lovely assortment filled with prayers that are biblically and theologically rich. Kari gives voice to the longings, hopes, fears and anxieties that exist in all of our hearts. I especially resonated with the section of prayers to Christ as the bridegroom of his people. On every page I found myself thinking ‘this is a prayer that I will want to pray over and over.’ What a pleasure to recommend this book. My prayer is that it will be an aid to many people, both those who are already Christian believers and those who are spiritually searching. This is a wonderful book, both to buy for oneself and to give as a present to anyone who is beloved.”

Jerram Barrs

Resident Scholar
Francis A. Schaeffer Institute
Covenant Theological Seminary

“The true desire of every human heart is to know and to be known. Kari’s book, Canyon Road, is beautifully written and will be a powerful companion for you as you seek deeper intimacy with God.”

Judith MacNutt

Christian Healing Ministries, Inc.

“If one spends anytime in the backcountry, the necessity of a dependable field guide is well known. It is no different with the backcountry of the soul, either. I’ve known many who’ve set off with great hopes on a journey of discovery only to return disappointed and disillusioned as they’ve faced, unequipped, the silence and emptiness in the ‘badlands’ of their lives. You will discover in Canyon Road a dependable and illuminating guide in Kari Reeves. Kari’s insight, reflections and prayers give shape to the contours of our soul and words for the longings of our heart.”

Steve Wood

Bishop, Diocese of the Carolinas (ACNA)
Rector, St. Andrew’s Church, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

“As I read the sacred words of Kari Reeves in Canyon Road, the word that began to fill my head and surround my being was ‘Truth.’ The prayers in this incredible guide spoke directly to my heart and brought about such a feeling of closeness to Spirit and God that I was moved to tears. Kari shares her knowledge and connection to a higher power at a time when our world needs it most, and when we, as individuals, are striving more and more to find purpose and stillness in our ever-changing lives. Canyon Road will lend a light and a peace to your life as you open your heart and allow it to guide you to new summits of spiritual connection.”

Aaron Blake

Washington National Opera
Dallas Opera
Utah Opera
Opera San Jose
The Santa Fe Opera

Canyon Road eloquently and humbly presents a disruptive picture of prayer, suggesting higher, more authentic and surprising horizons of prayer. In Canyon Road, this disruption invites us to enter a new world of prayer as we are challenged to reexamine, rethink and perhaps even reboot the comfortable and the conventional practice of prayer. In what promises to be a new prayer companion for my own prayer life, Canyon Road examines afresh the heart of prayer and the compelling relationship between the created and Creator it invokes. There is creative surprise in this fine little book to be sure; but also the rich possibilities of renewal, joyfulness, authenticity, vulnerability, grace and—yes—practical purpose in finding the yet to be created prayer in our hearts. Seven years ago, I retired to the desert surrounding Santa Fe, not far from the creative wellspring of Canyon Road, following my own particular creative instincts. I have developed a profound regard for the power of the desert here and an appreciation of the economy of our water sources and the rain we are given. There is a perpetual “dance of balance” which is core to life here and rich in possibilities for spiritual growth. Whether your personal dance now tilts in the direction of desert or oasis, I believe that you will find substantial refreshment in what Kari has created in this anointed deep dive into prayer, straight from Canyon Road.”

J. Steve Davis

CEO [Ret.]
J. Walter Thompson Chicago
Young & Rubicam New York
Wells Rich BDDP

“While reading Canyon Road, I was reminded of words I heard many years ago: “Like an infant crying in the night, like an infant crying for the light, ‘Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!’” Kari’s words express the heartfelt cry of each of our hearts, reflecting her pure seeking of the face of Jesus and her loving surrender to his inviting arms of compassionate love. Kari is a beautiful woman of God who has followed Jesus through dark valleys in her own pilgrimage of faith so that she may lovingly accompany others who also search for the warmth of God’s light. May you know the touch of Jesus and experience his special caring for you as you read this book and as you call out to him.”


Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey
Pecos Benedictine Monastery